Kids are center of our products


Kids love toys, and are always exploring the world around them. Augmented Reality is not something that’s too “High Tech” for kids, they can pick it up in no time. “Pokemon GO!” for example is an AR Game like ours, that is easily accessible and you don’t even need to put on special glasses. 


Modern parenting helps give kids the best by aiding their learning with the use of technology. If you’re looking for educational apps on your smartphone or tablet, then EKID learning toys is an exceptional product that provides the best quality learning experience for children. 


Our toys were created to make learning a fun experience. It’s geared towards parent-child interaction, you don’t need to be a professional educator to use it, and it can be easily purchased for your kids online. 


We offer smart educational games and tools, but not just for kids. The company’s major goal is to help the parents get rid of their concern about the educational value kids derive from playing with Augmented Reality games.  

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