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Kids love playing and exploring the World around them. Our innovative Augmented Reality cards will amaze, and delight your child.

Our cards connect the physical and virtual world through smart phones and tablets, that bring all our characters on the cards to life.



There are up to 96 different 4D Augmented Reality cards, that your kids can interact with. There’s a wide variety of pets, wild animals, sea life, cars, bikes, hot air balloons and so much more.  



Kids learn and imagine new things every day, and technology should enable them to do that. With our toys, we’ll help screen time between parents and children become a happier and more enriching learning experience. 

Experience our products with real fun. Let's play.

Turn fun cards into lovely pets with Augmented Reality. There are 96 flashcards: 48 Animals, 48 Vehicles.

There’s much to see here. We hope our product will delight your kids with an Augmented Reality experience.

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